Social Media Week NY

A collaborative social media conference

With a deep commitment to fostering a sense of unity and innovation within the social media marketing industry, the objective of this project was to redesign Social Media Week NY, a global conference that serves as the central meeting point for leaders, practitioners, and digital marketers. The aim was to create an immersive digital space that captures the essence of unity and brings together a diverse audience of creatives, leaders, social media influencers, and entrepreneurs aged 21-35. Through a captivating marketing campaign, the project sought to showcase the multitude of media possibilities in redesigning the conference's visual identity.

Embracing the core values of unity and social connection, the solution revolved around the notion that change happens when individuals come together. Drawing inspiration from popular social media icons and symbols, a unique system of icons was meticulously crafted, weaving them into the dynamic logo that embodies the conference brand. The design approach took shape through a harmonious interplay of offset outline pieces and solid shapes, evoking an intriguing afterimage-like sensation. This dynamic visual representation mirrors the ever-evolving nature of social media and the digital landscape, captivating the audience's attention. To complement the visual, Gibson was carefully selected for its versatility. Paired with a supporting body copy inspired by the era of newspapers, it pays homage to a time when print media served as a prominent means of community engagement. 

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